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A High & Low Rise Window Cleaning and Property Maintenance Company

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"Let Us Make Your Property Crystal Bright!"

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In Boston and New England we are your window cleaning and building maintenance company. We offer the following services...

     •   Window Cleaning of Commercial High & Low Rise Buildings throughout Boston and New England

     •   Glass Polishing - Removal of Hard Water Spots / Stain Removal Cleaning

     •   High Powered Pressure Washing

     •   Wood Restoration  

     •   Metal Restoration     

     •   Stone Restoration

​Our commercial property maintenance programs are backed by a perfect safety record. We service all of Massachusetts and the surrounding areas of New England. You can be guaranteed our services will be on time and efficient. We come to your location, in clean company lettered vehicles and reliable uniformed crews. We are set up to offer effective service for both small and very large sites while also conforming to all ANSI / IWCA I-14.1 Safety Regulations.

Crystal Bright has expanded our services to include: Window Cleaning and Skylights, Glass Polishing, Seasonal Lighting & Decorations, and High-Pressure Power Washing on a variety of surfaces. Restoration & Maintenance of all types of Metal, Stone, and Wood materials.

The following services are also available in Rhode Island,
New Hampshire and Connecticut...

     •   Window Cleaning Commercial High-Rise Buildings

     •   High Powered Pressure Washing

     •   Metal Restoration 

     •   Stone Restoration

     •   Wood Restoration